Posted on September 10, 2017




Keven Donnelly has done it again!

He’s the well-respected educator who has, over the past decade or so, consistently argued the case for revisiting a “Back to the Basics” approach to Primary education, particularly in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

And well he might! The decline in standards in these areas is becoming more-apparent month by month!

So . . . the question is, with a National Curriculum umbrella setting the direction of curricula in ALL schools, from whence shall a marked improvement in literacy and numeracy come?

Huge amounts of money are spent daily on curriculum-related resources in these areas. BUT TO WHAT EXTENT IS THIS INVESTMENT EFFECTIVE?

Oh, here’s an idea!

For as little as $8 per week (plus gst), a school can receive a COPYRIGHT-FREE Maths resource for Lower-Primary, Mid-Primary, Upper-Primary and Extension Maths sheets that bring FUN — and RELEVANCE — back to maths.

By combining Worded Maths Problems with Reading Comprehension, this inexpensive material also brings vitality and excitement into classroom Maths lessons in Primary Schools.

Written freshly each week, and emailed out each Saturday afternoon, ready for use in the subsequent school week, this UNIQUE, copyright-free Aussie material is INVALUABLE for students, teachers, parents and schools.

For a FREE trial, visit 

Thanks, Kevin Donnelly, for YET AGAIN trying to help teachers and schools lift their game!