Posted on October 10, 2017


How Primary Maths Tutors Help Children Overcome Math Phobia in Australia

Mathematics, a subject that generally causes panic in children, is not much difficult as it seems. While some believe the reason to be a weak numerical base, developed in the initial years, others feel that it fails to draw the interest altogether. Whichever the case may that be, the primary question is- How to overcome that fear and move forward with a strong base? This is when tutoring enters the scene.

Stay focused to keep a watch on the reasons behind Maths tutoring working wonders!

Tutors Are Trained

Primary maths tutors in Australia are generally qualified, adept in the latest teaching style and well versed in the current curriculum followed in the educational institutes. Moreover, they have access to unique resources like interactive worksheets, which they order online and in the process, try to ward off a child’s anxiety caused from worded math problems.


Relieves Them From Stress

Kids often don’t speak up in class when they have queries on the subject as they feel their classmates might make fun of them. This is how their concepts remain unclear. However, tutoring brings with itself a relaxed learning opportunity, where children learn to question and in turn understand the basic tactics of solving worded math problems.


Kids Receive Personal Attention

One-on-one tutoring implies children learning at their own pace and receiving personal attention, thereby boosting their confidence level. This explains why tutors are favoured in Australia.


Frequent Feedbacks

Parents tend to lose track on their child’s performance since the annual parent-teacher conference is not enough. To keep you updated with your child’s progress, the requirement of a tutor is crucial. This is how it helps since a tutor is responsible for providing regular feedbacks.


Tuitions Have That Fun Element

Children share a different bonding with their tutors, which is rare in educational institutes. This is how the subject turns out to be less intimidating and more engaging, leading to clearer mathematical concepts.


Better Scores And Understanding

This is quite obviously the outcome of primary maths tutors, developing better concepts among children, improving their numerical ability and last but not the least, conquering their fear.

However, do you think any of these would have been possible without free printable maths worksheets? Well, it would have been doable but not as promising. This is exactly why EdShop has come to the forefront. Tutors feel privileged to receive these carefully graded interactive worksheets, serving as a sure shot solution to worded math problems. To every primary maths tutor in Australia, this has turned out to be a ‘must have’ resource, going beyond just ‘doing sums’.



Tutoring does have a major role to play in the life of a student; however, all of this is incomplete without the highly interactive math worksheets from EdShop. These out of the box resources really make a difference by developing a practical understanding without stifling a child’s interest.