Posted on July 3, 2019

School Holidays for Teachers . . . Time to Ponder!

How long for a teacher to relax in the holidays? A day? A week? A month? Well, we’re here to help!

To move your thoughts to a far-away place.

Yep, here is the place that many Year 12 students had to face in May, 2018. It’s that strange exam beast called the “GAT” — an acronym for “General Achievement Test”.

And, here’s the link —  You can have a go at it TODAY! Or tomorrow! Or . . . maybe NEVER!

But, here’s the thing. This “TEST” is unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Just try the first 6 questions to get the (very) general idea.

Then, either keep going, or give up! Your choice. It’s NOT Maths. It’s NOT English. It’s not — anything specific. It just . . . IS!

And if you need the ANSWER SHEET, just contact us at  and type the words “Answers to GAT, please”. We’ll oblige immediately.

OK. Now, off you go, and relax!


Oh, and here’s a recent Maths Worded Problem Question we published recently.
Just how up-to-date can we get??

EdShop Maths Worksheet MP — 10 19

Student Name: ____________________
Grade:_______   Date:_____________

  1. Aussie tennis champion Ashleigh Barty is now one of the
    top 10 tennis players in the world. Write the number 10 in
    Roman numerals.