Posted on October 23, 2017

maths word problem

Year 3,4,5,6 Maths Worksheets To Solve Worded Math Problem

Almost every child has a penchant for storybooks, but then why do you think that they dislike worded Math problems? A thorough analysis has uncovered that lack of focus, trouble with reading, short of impulse controls and difficulty in understanding of phrases has resulted in a weak base. Whatever the reason may be, there is obviously a solution. Glance through the steps below, to support primary level Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Students to solve Worded Math Problems.


Read Through The Worded Sum

Instruct children to read the problem and help them get an overall idea. Ask them to point out the most vital parts. A quick discussion is of great help.

Comprehend The Meaning

Now is the time to go through the worded math problem again. This time ensure that they slowly read it, keeping in mind the precise details. Now teach them to seek a relation between the different parts of the sum.

Enquire About Its Operations

Ask them to ruminate on the sum and uncover the math operations that can solve it. Also, tell them to list it on a paper in the sequence they are to be performed.

Review Your Steps

Now that they know their steps and recognized when to implement, ask them to review it again to check if it is reasonable.

Wrap Up

Direct them to quickly go through the sums that they will be solving next, and ensure that they list the words that are hard to recognize. Let them comprehend the meanings for a clearer concept.

Get Them Resources From EdShop

The final step is for parents and teachers who are a constant support for primary school level students. As we all know ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, it is your duty to get them interactive math worksheets in printable forms, so that they can apply the learned tactics on unsolved worded sums. For Australian and Sydney based students, EdShop is the perfect platform which provides quality and student-friendly Printable year 3,4,5,6 Maths Worksheets which teaches you in an innovative way to solve a worded math problem. The best thing about them is that these make learning a fun activity. So make sure you order them for your children or students, in order to stimulate interest in Maths, especially the worded math problems.



A strong math base not only necessitates smart tactics but also requires ample practice by taking help of the right kind of resource. EdShop issues them in the form of printable, ready-to-use math worksheets, returning the very fun element in solving worded sums.