Primary Maths Teachers

Year 4 Maths Worksheets

Year 4 – Most often, Middle-Primary Level Math Curriculums according to Australian academic standards are singularly comprised of “doing the sums”, with most of the “Fun Filled” exercises not being continued after primary level. This can at large make children feel disoriented, as they face difficulty conceiving the new curriculum that may feel like a giant leap for them.

At Ed Shop we identify the core requirements of Mid-Primary level pupils needing a more lucid math support for their new syllabus. That’s why, we have carefully graded the math worksheets with worded problems that cover a range of math curriculum areas, including measurement, time calculation, converting currencies and straight calculation exercises without sounding all too “serious”. The level-headed problem solving quests, are essentially more interactive that help students discover the MEANING behind the sums they are doing. This learning process is much different from the conventional order of national testing programs in Australia, as the worksheets reduce the overall tension of “doing the sums” without a definite purpose other than brining better grades.

Give your child the best math support for their primary grades and establish their interest and fascination in the subject of Mathematics. All the worksheets are written freshly every week, so they are not repetitive. These are copyright free materials so you use them as and how you want. Parents and Teachers can try out our free 3weeks trial pack, for free.